The creators of GeoPlanter have been growers long before the GeoPlanter was created. With decades of experience under their belts, they set out to develop a system that could make gardening easier and more efficient. They began experimenting with breathable Geo-textile fabrics and raised bed gardens, with the goal being to create something long lasting and durable that would last for many years of real world gardening. The goal was to design something viable for both indoor and outdoor gardens, and something that can be easily utilized by gardeners with any range of skills or usable space, thus the GeoPlanter was born.

From the first season using GeoPlanter, they saw a large increase in yield, and much more vigorous growth, plus they weren’t coming across the same issues like root rot or root bound plants that they had in past experiences with plastic containers. The breathable fabric allowed the root zone to stay cooler in direct sunlight, as well as aerate and drain much more easily, and the air root pruning created a more complex system of feeder roots, allow the plant to uptake nutrients and water more efficiently. Seeing how great the Geo-textile fabric worked in the GeoPlanter, it was an inevitable progression to apply the same principles towards GeoPot and other innovations for the gardening world.

The GeoPlanter and GeoPot are economical and versatile containers that have exceeded expectations in terms of increasing yield, optimization of root zone dynamics, and ease of use. From the small backyards, to urban rooftops, to large scale greenhouses, the GeoPlanter and GeoPot are perfect for any situation and any garden.