GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed


GeoPlanter combines our breathable planter fabric with a PVC structure to give you a rigid, framed bed for your planting needs.

GeoPot Fabric Pots


GeoPot is a breathable fabric plant container that air prunes your plants’ roots when they reach the end of the container.

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Advantages of using GeoPlanter

The primary advantage of the GeoPlanter is its air pruning capability, which results in healthier roots being able to provide more nutrients to the plant.

With traditional plastic pots and wooden planters, the plant’s roots will reach the edge of the container and be force to circle the container in search of a friendlier environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the GeoPlanters last?
The longevity of the GeoPlanter varies depending on usage and how each user cares for the fabric. Under normal usage, our GeoPlanters can last upwards of five years… Read More

Will I have to water these more often because they are more porous?
“Always remember that the most important air that your root zone can be supplied with comes from adequate drainage of the medium… Read More

What are your GeoPlanters made of?
The GeoPlanter is made of a UV Stabilized geo-textile polypropylene fiber that is heat bonded on one side. It is BPA free and safe for organic gardening and will last about 2-3 years even with periodical machine washes…

I have been using my GeoPlanters for quite some time and l Iove them. They allow the roots to thrive by creating a well-aerated environment in the growing medium, as well as air pruning the root tips to encourage side growth instead of root circling that occurs in plastic containers.