In the exciting world of 21st century container gardening, our deeper understanding of the needs of the plants we love is changing the way we garden, including the pots we plant in.

We at GeoPlanter share your passion for filling your garden with healthy, vibrant plants. It is our pleasure to introduce the benefits of gardening in GeoPlanter’s innovative fabric planters. We know you will be delighted by the ease and vigor of your garden’s growth, as each plant reaches its full potential with optimum root zone aeration, air root pruning for robust root structure, and unimpeded water drainage.

We’d also love to share your delight as your garden bursts into heavenly flowers and delicious fruit. We want to learn from you and share those experiences of other gardeners who, like you, have discovered the secret of breathable fabric GeoPlanters – the planters that make plants happy!  Please share your stories and pictures with us.